How do I choose wines for THE WINE CASINO?

Let the season, market, and people guide you on your wine theme selection.

Who are the players?

Prior to selecting wine for THE WINE CASINO game, ask yourself, who are those people I will be hosting? How well are they versed in wine and what could possibly their preferences be?

If you are arranging a game for a group of friends who enjoy exploring local wineries on weekends, you may want to include some of the local bottles in your set. But don’t make it too easy, drop some interesting bangers from other regions or countries. One way to correctly integrate all of that into one exciting game theme is to choose common grape variety/varieties for all wines.

For example, your players love Priorat wines. You may offer a bottle of Garnacha and Cariñena wine from the local winery in one round, and follow it by the blend from Côtes du Roussillon.

Your guests most certainly will enjoy comparing those wine profiles and finding what they like the most.

On the other hand, if your guests prefer premium wines, along with Meursault or Chassegne-Montrachet, present them with a bottle of Chardonnay from Hawke’s Bay and let them spot the difference.

What’s the season?

In many cases, your choice will be influenced by the season and weather. On a beautiful summer terrace, amid the heat of July, your guests will fully enjoy crispy, light whites and delicate rosés.

You could even build your game solely around sparkling wines, letting your guests find their favorite style and color.

What is the budget?

Undoubtedly, some of you could develop an exciting game centered around the theme of premium wines. However, we would recommend utilizing different price points as an excellent method to showcase to your guests that interesting wines come with varying price tags.

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